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Giftcardng ™ We provide a premium price inquiry service. Convenient query service can save you time.

Exchange Rates

Click to get the latest gift card exchange rates today. Or you can contact us for consultation.

How it Works?

We update our prices daily. Provide you with the latest card price inquiry service. You can also contact us to inquire about prices for more types of cards.


Tell us your card type and we will determine the real-time exchange rate and quote you


If you are interested in our offer. You can contact our customer service for more consultation.


We load and validate the card, which usually takes about 2-3 minutes


For more details, you can communicate with our customer service.

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All types of cards are supported

We support the most card type inquiry services.

Work closely with giftcardng .shop partners in Nigeria to provide safe and efficient services

Frequently asked questions

How is the exchange rates and the price?

We will give the most competitive exchange rates according to the market price to ensure that you get the maximum benefit. Please contact us on WhatsApp for the latest exchange rates and prices.

Which queries are supported?

iTunes, Google Play, eBay, Razer Gold, Xbox, Amazon, Walmart, Vanilla, American Express, Sephora, Nordstrom.Or more

Do giftcardng sell cards?

No. We do not sell any cards

How long does it take for us to verify the card?

Usually we all need 2-5 minutes. It's fast.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us via the contact button. Our customer service is providing 24-hour consulting services.

100% Legit and Safe
Giftcardng ™ is the world leading gift card source trading platform, providing high-quality and safe services.
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Our real-time quotation platform connects thousands of source buyers who can provide high prices and bring you more benefits.
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24/7 customer service team loads gift cards quickly.1 minute payment time.

Work closely with giftcardng .shop partners in Nigeria to provide safe and efficient services